BONEX SAT119, Throw Type Fire Extinguisher
BONEX SAT119, Throw Type Fire ExtinguisherBONEX SAT119, Throw Type Fire Extinguisher


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Japan No.1 Throw-type Fire Extinguisher

– Easy to Use, Just Throw
– 5 Years Lifespan
– No Training Required
– Maintenance-free
– Eco-friendly
– Non-toxicity


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Product Description

A “Barrier-free” fire extinguisher for Children, Senior Citizens, Women and Physically-Challenged Individuals.

  • Officially used by fire departments in Japan
  • Awarded “Best Extinguishing Equipment” in Japan (April 2009)
  • Installation at centres for children and elderly is made mandatory in Korea (Dec 2006)
  • First to obtain Japan NS, Korea KFI & Malaysia SIRIM certification
  • PSB (Singapore) tested

SAT119 is BONEX’s first revolutionary throw-type fire extinguisher developed and designed to help rescue vulnerable people especially children, elderly and the disabled from fires. With the latest research and development, BONEX has improved the product to cater for various needs and markets ranging from industrial, commercial, household (home) etc.

There are two ways to extinguish fire by using SAT119

1. Simply A Throw !

Simply throw the SAT119 Bottle towards fires spots so that it shatters upon impact and the solution is dispersed over the burning area.

Simply a Throw

2. Dilute with water

Splash the diluted SAT119 at the base of fire. It is very effective to prevent outbreak or spread of fire particularly to adjoining unit or on wide area. The diluted extinguishing agent cannot be preserved for long hours. Do not store diluted agent, it will become ineffective. In order to dilute the SAT119. Break the bottle in a bucket with 8 litres of water to be effective.

BONEX Water Dilution

For Your Safety

  • For initial fire only.
  • Use only for Class A fire (i.e. combustibles etc.).
  • For fire caused by short circuit, make sure the power supply is cut off before using this product.
  • Store this product at a preservation temperature at -10°C to +45°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight or near the heat sources as it may cause leakage. Wall type SAT119 is not suitable for cars.
  • Do not drink the liquid.
  • In case the liquid comes into contact with skin or eyes, rinse off immediately with water. Consult a doctor if irritation or any adverse reaction occurs.

Additional Information

Weight 630 g




Country Of Origin

Made in Japan

Fire Classes

A Fire (Combustibles, woods, papers, etc.)


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